When I Grow Up I’ll Be Old (Vintage Theater)

Vintage Theatre project actively involves older persons in theatrical work and process research. The value system, political and social attitudes, taboos and stereotypes related to these “vintage” generations are the starting point for creative questioning and relation to the present time and younger generations.

The process include three levels:

1. Research related with the topics (social research, legislation, policies, anthropology etc.);

2. Drama workshops with a group of older persons in order to strengthen and enlighten the social and political position of the this population; 

3. Making a final performance;

4. Public actions in the exterior such as flash mobs.

The first production of the Vintage Theater was realized with the Association of Pensioners Seniors. The result of the project was the play When I Grow Up I’ll Be Old. The project was financed by the “Novi Sad – European Capital of Culture” Foundation and the City of Novi Sad, with the support of the Cultural Center of Novi Sad.