Vintage Theater Workshop

A DRAMA WORKSHOP with the topic of OLDER PERSONS and STEREOTYPES, about discrimination of older persons was organised on Friday, 24. February 2023., in the American corner (Kej žrtava racija, 2b). Topics such as aging, ageism and the challenges that the older people are facing with, as well as what to do with them, were the focus of these workshops.
Participants of the workshop were older persons from the city of Novi Sad.

Workshop was led by Branka Bajić, actress and drama pedagogue, author of the Vintage Theater project.

We share with you just a part of that productive and lively atmosphere in which participants socialized, discussed, but also actively participated in the various tasks they received from Branka Bajić.
The age of older citizens must not be an obstacle for their voice to be heard and to be represented in public spaces and discussions. We must respect them and allow them to have an equal place in our society.

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